Saturday, 31 May 2008

Kalashnikov - Tiananmen

Album: Oh Yeah Motherfucker!
Track nr: 3
Duration: 4:32
Year: 2007
Genre: "War Time Rock 'n Roll"

Kalashnikov's gonna tell you a litle bed time story now
The kind of story you don't want to tell your children at night
A story where thousands of people die

The place was China
And the year 1989
A bunch of students
Occupied a square
In the center of town
Asking for no much than
Peace and democrocy

But China is a big country
They don't want no fucking
Pussy democracy there
So they sent the army:

Tiananmen Tiananmen
Kill another yellow man

It Was in the first hours
of the morning
When the tanks and the soldiers
Start to shoot over
Tiananmen square
The great Majority
of the students
Were only sleeping at the time
they died whithout knowing
that the men who killed
them were their own blood

Tiananmen Tiananmen
Kill another yellow man

"This is no fucking Hollywood production"

1 comment:

bobby fletcher said...

Thousands? Here're some facts for your reivew:

- The Chinese government released official casualty figure of 241.

- Declassified NSA document shows US intelligence estimated casualty of 180-500.

Check Wikipedia for sources.