Tuesday, 27 October 2009

One song for free

David Fonseca had release Morning Tide (I just can't remember) on Myspace and it has a something on it I can't put my finger on it... That magic that makes you go around all day with something on your mind... something you know if you had would make your day fell better and would ease off the stress... I figured it out went on myspace... I didn't have to log in... but that button is right there so why not...

Then it happened...

On the status an image of a man one hand on his head other arm stretched wide and just bellow:

The same tour I was convinced I would see a concert of in Prague but when I paid attention to the date I saw I was one year too late...

Product Name: Tom Waits (Glitter & Doom Live) 2xLP, Shirt & Tour Book Bundle
Qty: 1
Unit Price: £32.99
> Size : 2xLP
> Size : Tour Book
> Size : Medium (38-40")
Order Total : £32.99
Shipping : £5.00
Grand Total : £37.99

First of all I don't have this money what I have is a(n) (amazing) girlfriend that knows exactly what to give me for my birthday. I owe you girl... "BIGTIME" (get it?)!

To think this shit started with one free song...

Friday, 9 October 2009

David Fonseca - A Cry 4 Love

Já esteve mais longe e já é possível ouvir através do Amazing Cats Club as 4 versões da "A Cry 4 Love" disponíveis em Vinil já em pré-venda na Fnac no HUGE FAN PACK.

Como nem todas as noticias são boas noticias é com muita pena (e alegria à mistura) que informo que Rita Redshoes partiu para outros voos. Só temos a agradecer por 6 anos fantásticos. Voa alto Rita, que as tuas asas todos sabemos que não são de cera.

The XX

Here they are, the twenty year olds who have the talent to leave a mark on music as we now it. Hitting at #6 on the NME's "The Future 50 - The Innovators Pushing Music Forward" list, while they say there sound like nothing ever heard before, I say they sound (in a subconscious way) like Joy Division, Massive Attack, The Cure, Dave Matthews, Chris Isaak, Enya!? and a couple of other things my brain keeps pushing up. Another amazing album on my "to buy list".

Jamie Smith - Baria Qureshi - Romy Madley Croft - Oliver Sim

Good luck guys! Hope you never let anyone tell you what to do, what to wear, what to play, what to sing about... I wish you guys "Infinity"... and "don't give it up" :)