Saturday, 19 December 2009

It's Christmas and...

Christmas sucks.

Here we go again, another holiday season, where for some reason all the lit up trees make people smile for some strange reason. People find it strange I don't enjoy Christmas very much. Forgive me for not enjoying a time of the year where apparently what we celebrate is hypocrisy and hollowness. A christmas tree turned on and suddenly we remember to invite family over or they decide it's a good time to drop by. How I imagine people's faces when they realize can't afford to buy what they "have" to bring.
What I can't imagine are the parents faces when they realize there's no way they can afford none the "amazing" toys their kids get brainwashed daily with on television.
Can't also imagine the kids disappointment when they do open the presents their parent can afford. I love television more everyday. This time of the year they are in the "breaking hearts" business.
Everyone expects too much when they should expect nothing at all. Instead of programming the kids to "get" this should be the time for them to give... but no... if Christmas was a time where you could only give something to someone that couldn't give anything back... well then everyone would just fucking hate Christmas wouldn't they?
Hey I had my share of Christmases I enjoyed, but now I'm "all" grown up. I keep in touch all year long with the family that cares and I sure as hell don't pretend to get along with the ones that don't give a shit.
It's not like we live 3000km away from each other. (It's more like 50 one side to the other) So what's the excuse? I'm quite lucky in this department although I'm bitching about it... it's just cause I know things and people.

I read somewhere something like this: "He who does not have Christmas in his spirit will not find it under a tree".

So think about Christmas when you see someone at the shopping centre's entrance asking for your help for something, cause wether it's dogs, cats, cancer, aids, info-exclusion, poverty it's not your money they are asking for it is your help. Make your Christmas spirit kick-in then.
When you buy a burger and ask for some bullshit sauce that costs 0.20cents, read the sign that says if you give 0.20cents to help the entity will give another 0.20... fuck go crazy give them 0.40cents! Oh you will see that the satisfaction you get upon purchasing something you don't fucking need but still buy will come. If it doesn't well the 0.40cents weren't meant to help YOU now were they?
Go the the closest bricolage shop and walk the isles looking for more shit you couldn't think of to have but will reflexively grab if someone tells you its fucking cheap or fucking useful or that it look would amazing with the curtains you're already carrying under your fucking arm.

Errr i got kinda lost (and pissed) along the way didn't I? Well I probably missed some points I would like to focus on but it doesn't matter the ones I did focus on you are completely unaware to and you are completely unrelated to them.

Have a wonderful Christmas, spend a lot of money you don't have, buy more shit you don't need, replace your lack of affection towards someone else by buying them some shit they probably don't need either and pretend that you don't use Christmas to try and make up for being an ass the other 364 days of the year.

Oh! Have a Happy New Year! Then do everything the again same way.

This song I share might sound like Peter Murphy and Tom Waits but it's not. Definitely worth listening to.

Oh, give me a noose I can hang from the tree
I need no excuse to end my misery
This holiday season is all the more reason to die

Oh, pull up a stool and an ear to a fool
Once found some solace in the season of yule
This holiday season is all the more reason to cry

I put on my mittens, one green and one red
And I walk alone where they bury the dead
The snow falls as I breathe
It's a Gothic, death-rock Christmas eve

The bottle is empty
The sleigh has a flat
The stripper in my bed is ugly and fat
Her tassels are tangled and what's worse
My jingle won't jangle

This time of the year makes me sick to my guts
All this good cheer is a pain in the nuts
When it's your career to be down in the dumps
Tidings of comfort and joy really suck

I feel like St. Nicholas is pulling my leg
This thing we call "Christmas" is a sorry black plague
This holiday season is
All the more reason to die

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